A closely knit group of people, united by an affinity of taste and common interests, a real… “clan”, a physical and metaphorical melting pot of people with diverse specialized skills bonded by the shared objective of bringing beauty to life and working together to create high-end products and projects. This is the founding idea behind Clan Milano: on one hand, the intense and passionate creativity of Alessandro La Spada, on the other, the manual skills of Isacco Agostoni’s artisans in cabinet making, engraving and marquetry, masters who create pieces which are both “handmade” and “mind made”. The strong, enduring link between craftsmanship and its cultural reminiscences has always been one of the outstanding features in the world of Italian furniture. A feature which is particularly perceived today thanks to the high added value manual craftsmanship brings to items which remain unique and individual. “Excellence in craftsmanship” cannot be improvised; it is handed on from one year to another, from one decade to another, even from one century to another if we look at the history of the Agostoni family run business which was founded in 1890. The union of these experiences gave birth to the very first, precious, eclectic collection, inspired by the thousands of stories which live in the imagination of Alessandro La Spada. CLAN MILANO is also able to offer additional services: from interior design, to space design for both private and public use, from a hotel to a show room. A tailor made, customized service, ready to meet the most demanding client’s wishes.

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