"Dark, italian 100%

The goods are full of history, passion and love

Amazing collection, Amazing person."


Sara Frigerio


One of the most eclectic and creative signatures of contemporary luxury and interior design panorama, Alessandro La Spada has always been fascinated by the reciprocal exchange of influences between art, design and crafts. Through a unique and often irreverent style, his work as art designer reveals a multicultural and innovative approach that shapes different creative worlds and suggestions.

His love for manual skills is conveyed through an innate curiosity about materials, his most outstanding source of inspiration: metal, wood, glass, marble or leather.

The leather inspires "Handcraft Story", its first Capsule collection, featuring a dark soul that consists of 13 items including bags and clutches, belts, key rings, briefcases and bracelets.

An extremely clean style enhances Italian passion for detail and craftsmanship, two elements that triumph in this line.

In the production of this collection, after being softened with warm water, the leather was hand hammered to create a minimalist design, an almost flowing print that emphasizes and enhances the material. Few essential steel and bronze elements adorn the main element.

"I designed this capsule after meeting an incredible craftsman, specialized in the production of cases for bows and high-quality knives - says Alessandro - I was really fascinated by his smooth and wise approach to the material. With this collection I wanted to honor his work, embracing the craft techniques that he imparted to me and recalling the shapes that distinguish its production. In fact the curved cut that characterizes the entire line evokes the sinuous shape of the cases for bows and knives ".

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